Acupuncture to regulate period and fertility

Submitted By: mimay

Hi! I just recently finished 11 sessions of acupuncture for fertility and to regulate my period.  I have been diagnosed with PCOS on September 2010 and have been going to my OB for treatment.  Every month its either I developed a new cyts of I don’t ovulate.  June this year I didn’t have my period so my doctor gave me primolut-n to induce period.  After my period for July (July 8 – 10, 2012) she checked me for cysts, and found out that my ovaries are clear.  That’s when we have decided to stop taking clomid and other fertility drugs and decided to check acupucnture.

My practitioner, checked my pulse, my tongue and asked me about my medical history.  I was CD11 that time when he started with my first session.  I was scheduled for 10 consecutive sessions and was told to have one session 2 days before my expected period.  I was expecting my period August 8.  My cycle before my pcos was usually 30-31 days. 

I have been taking my BBT this month too.  And my temps are erratic.  I don’t know why.  We have been under stress for the past three days.
So my questions are the following:

– How many sessions will it take for my period to regulate?

– Is it possible that my pcos caused my delayed period?

– my bbt is decreasing for 3 days, but no sign of period, does acupuncture also affect bbt?

Thanks for answering.

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