Advice Needed – Tongue Pictures Attached

Submitted By: rainin

I’m 21 years old and been suffering from the following symptoms since the past 2 years:-

1. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (胃食管反流病)
2. Seborrheic dermatitis (脂溢性皮炎)
3. Psoriasis (银屑病)
3. Indigestion (消化不良)
4. Excessive belching (过度嗳气)
5. Stool odor (大便恶臭)
6. Undigested food in stool (大便中有未消化的食物)
7. Acne (粉刺)
8. Stomach growling (肚子咕咕叫)
9. Bad breath (口臭)
10. Body odor (体臭)
11. Unexplained weight loss (原因不明的体重减轻)
12. Hyperhidrosis / excessive sweating (多汗症 /出汗过多)
13. White coated tongue (白舌的背面)

My main problem is that I have been losing alot of weight… I have become underweight.. and therefore, I’ve become very weak and thin. Also, my skin problems have been troubling me alot.

I’m unable to gain weight. My weight just keeps on being stable at 55kgs… 2 years ago before I had any imbalance in my system, I used to be 65kgs.. So I have become weak, thin and very tired.

I do have a fair amount of knowledge about TCM and have had some success with TCM so therefore, I’m attaching pictures of my tongue and stool for your kind reference.

I was under TCM medication but as I had to shift back to the US, so I had to leave my treatment in between.

I would really appreciate if any practioner on this forum can assist me and guide me towards diagnosing what my problem really is? Is it a kidney deficiency? Is it a spleen deficiency?

Can anyone recommend any good and reputable TCM practioners in the Maryland/Virginia area?



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