Advice on possible “ROSACEA” on hands

Submitted By: Elsa

I would like to ask you for any advice or suggestion on a treatment for one case of mine.  The client is a female, 77, and complains of constant pain in her hands, feet, and knee. She also has signs of swelling in these areas. Her doctor has ruled out rheumatism or arthritis, and the patient is not overweight, but has a ‘sweet-tooth’ and likes to add a good sprinkle of salt to her meals.

She suffers from red marks on back of  her hands – I am including pictures below for illustration.  When I was searching, what this could be, I got as far as possible symtoms of “rosacea”.

Kid, Spl, St, Ht are usualy in imbalance with her, she complains on the front of the knee pain and around the inside acle on both feet.  When I give her a massage or accupressure on St 40, St 36, Kid 1, Kid 4 (not using needles, because I am not an accupuncturist)  she feels great relief in pain.

Anti-seizure medication

Blood-pressure medication

Cholesterol medication


Many thanks in advance for any advice and help with this lovely client of mine.




Here are some photos of her hand.


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