Burning Peripheral Neuropathy in Little Toe

Submitted By: ang67

I am new to practice and one of my first patients is a complicated patient with a myriad of symptoms.  I was hoping to get some suggestions on treatment.

My patient is a 54 year old woman whose main complaint is a neuropathy in her right 5th toe.  She’s had 3 operations on her toe, including one to remove a bone spur and one to remove the toe nail.  She states that the burning pain in her toe was exacerbated by the operations and is now a constant pain that she rates as a 9 out of 10.  She says her next step, if I am not able to help her, is to have her toe surgically removed.  Tests have not shown any cause for the neuropathy.  My patient is not diabetic.

In addition to the peripheral neuropathy in the toe, she also suffers from major back pain between the scapulas and in the lower back around UB23 to UB27.  Tests have confirmed that she has arthritis in her cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine.  She also suffers from bipolar disorder, insomnia, dry mouth, migraine headaches, and depression.  She is taking at least 5 different perscription medications, including Wellbutrin and Estrogen (I can’t recall the others).

My patient has a rapid and thready pulse with a reddish tongue with very little coat.  She has floaters, sips small amounts of water throughout the day, tinnitus, dry eyes, constipation, and vaginal dryness with a recurrence of UTIs.  I have diagnosed her with KD Yin Deficiency, LV Blood Deficiency, and LV Qi Stagnation.

So far, I have treated her 3 times.  Although she says she feels more relaxed after her treatment, there has not been any alleviation of symtoms.  The points I have been using are DU20, DU14, UB18, UB23, UB27, KD3 (left), SP6 (left), UB40, UB58 (right), UB60 (right), UB65 (right), SI3 (left).  Additionally, I use electro stim with microcurrent on UB60 to UB65.  I finish with cupping on her upper and lower back.  I have also tried blood letting on UB40 bilaterally.

I know that a case like this will take time to see marked improvement, but my patient is desparate for relief.  Any suggestions anyone could provide on this complex case would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.


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