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Some background on me: Early 30’s (these problems since I was about 28), thin build (borderline underweight) but good appetite, healthy/almost never get sick, no major health problems. Periods started age 12 but I have little breast development. I’ve been struggling with long menstrual cycles / late or no ovulations for years. All of my children were conceived using Clomid because of this. I had to supplement them all with formula because I couldn’t produce enough breast milk to give them 100%. At one point a blood test showed elevated testosterone, and I had some hair loss. My feet (toes) are ice cold anytime the inside temperature goes below about 70 degrees.

I saw a TCM dr specializing in fertility a few years ago; after 3 months of no results, and feeling worse than I did prior to starting treatments (depression), I stopped going. Maybe she misdiagnosed me, or I was having a reaction to one of the herbs (don’t know what she gave me).

More recently, I was recommended Rehmannia Six formula by two other TCM drs. Also another herbalist recommended Shou Wu, a formula supposed to help hair because my hair was falling out more than normal. 
I’ve been told I may have Kidney Deficiency, especially Yin Def. 

So, I was on the Rehmannia Six 8-9 months, and the hair formula (which had Rehmannia and Fo Ti I think) about 6-7 months. During this time my hair stopped coming out and my ovulation moved to around day 20 on every cycle (an improvement from day 30+ before the formulas). 

I stopped the formulas when I ran out in mid November and thought maybe 9 months of being on it was long enough to help my body. But now I seem to be going back to the late ovulations again. See my charts:

So my main question is: should I be going back on the Rehmannia Six? 

And if so, how long should I be on it? Is there something else it looks like I need? Why haven’t I seen more improvement?

Can someone give me some insight? No one else has been able to help me, they seem to want to help the people with “more severe” problems.


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