Damp patient, moaning, depressed, etc

Submitted By: brendan

Hi guys,

I’m a TCM practitoner and I have a quite complicated case here.

I have a 40 year old woman who is overweight, depressed, and in constant pain.  Her most notable symptoms are facial acne, SEVERE moaning/stomach QI rebellion, phlegm/nodules in channels(SP, LV).  Her gait is damp-like, sluggish, and encumbered looking.  She is an emotional rollercoaster- somedays high as a mountaintop other days low as the gutter.  

She is really textbook dampness, IMO, however I’ve diagnosed her with SP/KD yang def and maybe ST qi rebellion b/c of the constant belching.

I’ve made some progress and have gotten her to lose about 12 pounds, but this MOANING/belching is unreal.  I’ve never seen somebody so severe as this. 

Does anybody have any experience with a patient like this? 

Ive had her on Jin gui shen qi wan, ping wei san, gui pi tang etc, but nothing has really quelled the “moaning/st QI rebellion”.

Any help or reassesment of diagnosis would be appreciated.





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