Dantian significance of location

Submitted By: Frannas85


Yinyanghouse.com is always the first site I explore if I’m looking for specific and reliable information. Unfortunately I couldn’t find much info on the dantian from your site so I thought I would just ask again.

1) Are cv 4 and the lower dantian the exact same thing or are they distinguished from each other somehow? I couldn’t help noticing how the cv 4 point is at the same level as the lower dantian and that the cv 4 point has many tonification functions.

2) Is the dantian’s location somehow related to the center of gravity of a person? If the COG shifts would power from the dantian shift as well?

What I’ve thought of is this, that perhaps from conception onwards the cells of the human body grows around this center. Explaining it as our natural COG and maybe the significance of the acupoint. That it is like a metaphysical zygote of our body system.

I know, as Chad has told me before, pure theory can create a lot of problems in practice, so I apologize beforehand.


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