Diagnose via skin issues

Submitted By: marble

I am currently reading a book about cosmetic acupuncture. Am finding it very interesting and easy to read. Further more, something in the book really got my attention. 


When talking about Spleen, the book mentiones that the it has the role of providing nutrition to the body and also to circulate red blood in the periphery (while the heart circulates it in main body) 

It says that splean is most to blaim when someone is skinny and can’t get weight even more if this problem is combined with skin issues on the periphery. 


Now i am skinny, have at least 20 pounds less than i would want to have.Am tall 186cm (6.1 feet) and weight only about 165 pound. Problem here is that i know a lot about nutrition. I eat 5 meals a day and only healthy food (beans,lentils,grain,fish,coconut oil, olive oil,all kinds of seeds, nuts, vegetables, fruits, dried foods, so only natural food, no junk food, no refined, no sugar, no chips) and also work out with weights (and doing it in a proper way, changing routines etc.) but i just can’t gain lean mass, and as soon as i miss a single meal i lose weight. I also see undigested food in my stool and floating stool. 


Now, since i covered the weight(skinny)/splean  connection, i am going to the skin connection. 


I have skin issues only on my hands/feet/face. The rest of my body is normal, but my hands and face have dry skin, specially when i get out of a shower. Than it itches and i have to apply coconut oil, and than its okay. 

Also, the skin colour on my hands and face is not clear, i have redness around my nose mixed with paleness, and purple circles under eyes, my hands are also very dry and they are the same level of redness, but more in the winter. Now in wormer times they look kind of normal, but still a bit red, mainly on the knuckles. 

Also, my feet and hands are often cold. When i take my socks off, my feet always get cold, even in the summer if i am inside. If i am on the side, than they are okay. 


On the other hand, my face doesn’t tolerate sun to good, it gets red fast, while the rest of my body tolerates it pretty good. 


Weird thing is that my feet never get colour from the sun, they always look much lighter than my legs even though they get the same amount in the sun and the colour of my hands also always varies from the rest of my body. 


I also obviously have an inner heat rising problem and excess of phlegm. 


This to me looks like a clear spleen problem, and i wanted to ask, does anybody else here agree with that? 

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