Double tinnitus problem

Submitted By: Undine


I have double problems with my tinnitus. I have had acupuncutre and I have also had a TCM doctor, but they could not help me. In fact, the TCM doctor I had just changed my herb medication when it went good, which instead made the sounds worse. I lost faith in him, so now I have decided to try this on my own since no Swedish practictioner seem to be able to help me.

I have two types of problem:

  • One is that my pulse is low, my thyroid is under-productive, I am tired and I am lack of energy. This causes one type of tinnitus sound.
  • I am also stressed, tense, anxious, have trouble sleeping, hyper active in the brain and my nerves are too alert, which causes one other type of tinnitus sound.

Therefore, I have two types of sounds: one very high pitched sound and one more low sound.

I bought the Er Long Zuo Ci Wan pill which instantly reduced the high pitched sound. But now the low sound is a bit higher. I experienced a type of this when I went to my TCM doctor and he gave me drinkable herbs, but not this effective.

Now I wonder what sort of herb I will try for the low pitched sound, which is, I guess, for the stress, tensed nervers and so on?



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