Ear ”acupuncture”-bodies response

Submitted By: marble

I found 6-7 most painfull points on my ears and placed vaccaria seeds on them 2-3 days ago. Among other issues i have a problem of heat rising up my throat and so the back of my throat is always red but it doesn’t hurt. This condition is a chronic one and is lasting for years. 


Now after those previously mentioned 2-3 days i started feelin ”pain” on my right side of the throat, its not really pain but i can feel it when i swallow etc. I haven’t been sick, not even with a cold for over 5 years now so i am pretty sure its not bacterial or viral. 


Was wondering if this is due to the vaccaria seeds making affect since i placed 2-3 seeds where esophagus/throat points are located. I have removed those seeds early morning and have left only 2-3 seeds on my ears in the points which are extremly tender, where it hurts even if i place a feather on them. 

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