Excessive sweating and facial flushing

Submitted By: YogiBare

For my whole life I’ve suffered with severe facial flushing and excessive sweating.  Over the last year I’ve been seriously looking into finding a remedy, but so far my efforts have yielded nothing.  I was hoping someone here could help me.

First I should mention that I’m slim, and reasonably fit (I’m a Yoga teacher).  I have a healthy diet (veggetarian, lots of fruit and vegetables and nuts, not much dairy), and don’t drink or smoke.

My symptoms:  with mild physical excertion I will start to sweat and flush.  (By mild I mean walking for 10 mintues.)   If the weather is hot I sweat and flush profusely – particularly in humid heat.  However, I also can’t handle the cold – my feet get cold very easily, but even in snowing weather when I walk for a couple of minutes I will sweat and flush.  even though I don’t feel like I’m exerting myself physically.  I also flush when I’m tired, nervous, embarassed, dehydrated… anything really!

I feel thirsty all the time, and my mouth feels dry, but my body can’t seem to retain the water – I pee most of it out, and have dry hair and skin – particularly on my lips.  I have a tendency towards IBS, or else I’m constipated.  I have high cholesterol, and very light periods.

I have a lot of difficulty sleeping, and sometimes get night sweats.  I’m emotionall and I can be quite anxious.  I’m also extremely sensitive to other people’s energy.  I get exhausted and burnt out very easily, and my head is very busy.

I have a fast heart rate, but low blood pressure.  I have prominent spider veins on my thighs. I was born with heart murmer, but it sorted itself out.  And here’s a weird one – I find it hard to take a really deep breath without yawning!

From what I’ve read in TCM it seems like my flushing cheeks could be caused by Heart Yin deficiency.  But my body type looks more Yin (frail shoulers, tendency to hunch.. I am making myself sound super attractive here, lol!), and also my personality would veer more towards Yin – I’m emotinal and withdraw a lot.  A friend did Shiatsu massage on me and she said that my kidneys were quite empty, and that my heart had lots of emotional knots around it. 

I’ve had tests for diabetes and problems with my thyroid, and both are fine.  I went to a few TCM docs but to be honest I felt like they were just out to make money – they diagnosed me in a matter of minutes and then kept hounding me to buy herbs from them (I didn’t)

Anyway, now that I’ve listed everything minute personal thing that’s wrong with me I hope someone can help lol.  In general though I’m in good spirits and I don’t have a chronic health problem (just chronic sweating :P)

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