Feeling worse after acupuncture treatment

Submitted By: slightlycosmo

I am seeing an acupuncturist primarily for infertility (4 years), but secondarily for anxiety and depression I have experienced off and on for many years.  I have seen two different acupuncturists, the first for about a year.  I stopped going to him because I found that after every treatment I was feeling worse – more anxious and more angry – than when I went in, and when I communicated this to him it didn’t seem to be significant to him.  After several months of this I decided it best to take a break.


I have recently started seeing a new acupuncturist – for about six weeks now.  I have had this same experience after two treatments, to much stronger levels.  After one, I was so hot I dunked my feet in a bucket of ice water and sat with a cloth on my head to keep me from feeling like I was burning up.  I also have felt so overwhelmed and anxious I was practically trembling.  Once the feeling of extra energy was in the lower part of my body.  This time, it’s in my chest, arms, and especially hands.  I could go on about how awful I feel.


Anyway, I am writing because I don’t have much context to know if I’m working with a good practitioner.  My instinct – based on all I know and what I experience – is that she is a wonderful practitioner.  Her bedside manner is wonderful and she seems very attentive to the things I say.  But I keep having these negative experiences and it makes me second guess my experience.


First off, is it abnormal to have such strong increase in negative symptoms after treatments?  Second, should I trust my instincts regarding my practitioner and see this process through?  How long should it take before I notice a lessening of these negative symptoms after treatments?


Oh – as an aside, both practitioners diagnosed me with liver stagnation and spleen issues (I’m not sure what, exactly), as well as blood deficiency and some blood stasis.  I am currently taking 10 rambling powder pills (that have something extra added for heat) as well as 8 salvia 10 (although when I called her today about the heat and anxiety she told me to stop taking the salvia 10).  I am also taking reishi drops.


I would appreciate any general insight you have to offer.

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