Getting your paperwork/licence in order

Submitted By: Craig


I am just graduated from a 550 hr 5 element shiatsu  school here in Massachusetts.Whereas my training has been very thorough in techniques,It has been quite shaky on the matters of how to go about being legal to practice.Now that we have graduated , my teacher  is far too buisy to relate to us asking questions anymore to get the kind of answers I want.

 Whatdoes this piece of paper  from my school mean on its own?

I know my school was certified by the ABOTA,and has enough hours etc  for them, however, I was wondering, as a new practioner, what steps I need to do with  the State/town etc to insure that I am legal to practice and advertise.Also, I was wondering how to find out this info, in that I dont think I will practice in Mass forever, and will want to move elsewhere and set up shop so I would want to know how to do it wherever I live.

I also understand that the AOBTA doesnt license, and NCCAOM doesnt licence in my state.What then?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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