Hand Tremors

Submitted By: nancisimari

63 year old male with sudden onset of right hand tremor. Extremely spastic, intermittent, but comes on every few minutes. No numbness, no tingling, no pain.

Was tested by GP who thought it might be a pinched nerve. Also was tested by neurologist for parkinsons and given MRI, with nothing remarkable. Does have arthritic neck, which after a few treatments started feeling fine.

Cold and Stress are what seem to trigger the most spasms. Tho he has a big aversion to heat.

He is on ‘uasoretic’? hi BP meds. Has a puffy tongue, pale red to red, thin white to thin yellowish at times coating. Scallops. Darker with some petechia on liver area. Plulse is around 60bpm (meds? keeping it down?), weak, but present yin and yang pulses. Slippery liver pulse. Weak spleen pulse, sometimes slippery too.

First treated for wind/internal wind. Gave 4 back treatments for his neck including points like LI10 and SJ5 to bring more qi and blood to the hand. GB20 every time. Then started doing more damp heat treatments, as I thought he exhibited some of those symptoms. 

Nothing in 7 treatments, including first giving Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin and later Long Dan Xie Gan Tang modified with Gou Teng and another wind clearing herb (as per Bensky for tremors)- nothing has worked.

His doctors are stumped, and one says it may be ‘essential tremors’ while the neurologist said to see an acupuncturist :)

He is on a break from treatments, in hope that I can find some answers for him. Anyone?



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