Insomnia & anxiety

Submitted By: hagc

Been treating female patient in mid 20’s for insomnia condition, with anxiety, sleep disturbance, whole body sweating for some time now.  Sleep condition improved slightly where before treatment sleep would be only 2-3 hrs.  After treatment improved to 4-5 hrs on weekdays, weekends 8-9 hrs.  Patient however still experiences difficulty in falling asleep for past 8 years. Her diagnosis is HT & KD miscommunication, Lv-Qi Stag, SP-Qi Def.

Points used are

HT7, PC6, HT6, KD3, KD6, ANMIAN, SISHENCONG, B23, DU4, SP6, ST36, B15, B17, GB13, DU24.

combining with electro-acu and herbs.

Are there any other points I should add or is there a different diagnosis?

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