Kidney Yin Xu – Lifestyle Considerations

Submitted By: LightWorker

With a diagnosis of Kidney Yin Deficiency, as well as an energetic disconnect between head and heart (lots of energy in my head, not much in my lower body), I’d like to make lifestyle adjustments to support my acupuncture treatments. 

It’s been recommended to me to eat fresh figs and dates, black sesame seeds, and beets to help tonify my kidneys.  I’ve also been told that kidney breathing may be beneficial. 

Is there any other advice I can get to supplement treatment from other acupuncturists?  Diet, exercise, meditation, bodywork, etc?  At some point in my earlier martial arts training I was taught that LIGHTLY beating my kidneys with the back of my fist for 5-10 minute is excellent for stimulating their function…good idea?  Bad idea?  Other ideas for kidney ying xu as well as dropping energy from my head into my legs and loins?

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