looking for acupuncture without needles

Submitted By: genesis

Hello. I hope someone can help me. My wife has terrible acute chronic lower back pain, for 8 months now. All conventional medical treatment has thus far failed her. What has worked was some acupuncture WITHOUT needles that she had down in Puerto Rico a month ago. It worked wonders. It not only took away her pain for a while, it allowed her to skip her powerful narcotic pain medicine at times. We live in Maryland though, and haven’t found yet any doctor/acupuncturist who does the same kind of acupuncture. It was using the Accu-O-Matic SP Series machine wherein the doctor would use a wand and apply pressure to various points on my wife’s hands, legs, and feet, while my wife held a metal cylinder in one hand. He also used a Pointoselect Digital handheld device on her ears and head.

Does anyone know of someone in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, or Virginia who performs this kind of acupuncture/acupressure?

Thank you very much.

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