Submitted By: gunji

Hello. I’ve just discovered that I can buy moxa for self use here so I’m thinking to try it. I’d like to try it on the points for spleen qi deficiency: CV12, ST36, SP3, SP6, UB20, UB21. I read here on the web that it’s better to do moxa than acupuncture in deficiency conditions. Do you think it is possible to do it by myself? About the correct location of the points I assume to ask my shiatsu practitioner because I’m not sure if I know the accurate location of CV12 for instance. Also I’m not sure about UB points mentioned above but I can find some blockages in that area on my back. Is there any correct order in moxibusting? I’d suppose to start up and go down but I’m not sure if to do back points first and so. Thank you for your advice.

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