Nerve Damage after acupuncture treatment?

Submitted By: Needananswer

I actually think that I got peripheral neuropathy from an acupuncture treatment I got 10 days ago.
I suffer from iliotibial band syndrome (both hips) plus low back pain.
I went to a school of acupuncture to get relief from these conditions but after the first treatment I started feeling burning pain in both my legs from my feet to my low back, also needles and pins in my feet, and strange cramps in different parts of my legs. The burning pain gets really bad at night. Further the left side is more painful than the right side and I’m also getting a little tick under my left eyebrow. BTW I did not have any of these symptoms before the treatment.
The treatment consisted of deep needling (thicker needles) on my upper and lower back, buttocks legs and feet. All the points where super painful they had to take out one of the needles on my lower back and also one needle on my left foot during treatment was sending waves of pain. I told the student about the waves of pain and he said that it was OK.

I’m a woman, 40 years old and I’m feeling so anxious. I think if this health issue doesn’t go away I will never try acupuncture again. I’m seeing the students plus teacher next Tuesday.
It is possible to get nerve damage after a treatment? If so, is it reversible? How long until the symptoms go away? What type of doctor should I see to get a diagnosis? Is there any treatment (safer than the one I got) that could help?
I would appreciate so much any feedback/suggestion.
I’ll provide the acupuncture points next week since I was face down and couldn’t see anything.

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