Is this a normal reaction to acupuncture?

Submitted By: Mickey2

Hi. I’m relatively new to using acupuncture as a treatment modality. I am having problems recovering from a facelift (primarily discomfort around ears) and my plastic surgeon suggested seeing an acupuncturist. I had my first session last week with an acupuncturist who was highly recommended. I was very encouraged after the first session and saw a noticeable improvement withing 2 hours. The improvement –in varying degrees–continued all week. Yesterday I had the second session with the same acupuncturist who inserted the needles in the same places as the first time (around ears & jaw & in arms & hands). This time, however, I immediately experienced a worsening of symptoms. They are now slightly worse than before I had the first session. Is this in any way normal? Should I give up on this practitioner if the symptoms do not improve quickly? Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

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