pain during and after treatment

Submitted By: greenredhead

I had my first acupuncture appointment two days and I am having a symptom that I hope someone could shed some light on.

I recently saw a licensed acupuncturist in my urologist’s office. Since it was my first time and I was nervous about the procedure, she only put in four needles. The first three went in fine with minimal pain. Unfortunately, when she put in the fourth needle, I felt quite a bit of pain. It was placed on the underside of my wrist, in between or near the center tendons. It hurt much worse when I tried to move my arm. I told her this and moved her fingers over my arm “spreading it through the meridian.” The pain lessened but throbbed a couple more times while I was lying on the table. When the nurse removed the needles, I asked her if that was normal. She said yes. It has been two days since my appointment, and I’m still feeling a dull ache on the underside of my forearm to the elbow. I also feel more pain the more I use my arm and hand. I called her today and she said that the ache I felt during the session was normal. In fact, it can mean she put the needle in the ‘right’ spot. However, she said it was uncommon to still be feeling it and it is probably sore muscles. I am concerned it could be nerve pain, so I asked her if that could be the case. She said that since the needle was so small and thin there is no way it hit a nerve. Plus, she doesn’t think my symptoms show that. She also said people in a high stressed state (i.e. anxious) could be more sensitive to the treatment.

Does my symptom sound like sore muscle or could it be nerve pain? I read that nerve pain can feel like a deep ache. I also read that even if a needle was too close or touched a nerve, that it wouldn’t cause permanent damage. Is that true? When might the pain go away? I’m afraid to go back now. My doctor seems like a very knowledge and caring person, so I find it quite disheartening to be having negative side effects from her treatment.

Thanks so much for reading this and I appreciate any responses.

Sincerely, GRH (greenredhead)

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