Pain with Needles

Submitted By: jasmine3407

I have always been excited to try acupuncture, and am typically not queasy or nervous when it comes to needles in general. I have had two treatments of acupuncture to help me with my recent stress and anxiety.

I believe the treatments worked to reduce my symptoms thus far. However, I have also been in significant pain due to the needles during both sessions. I would like to know whether I should continue with this painful treatment, given that it seems to be working. I would like to know if I I can undergo this treatment without so much pain.

The pain is a sharp, stabbing pain that occurs when needles are in my head, my wrists, my ankles, my knees, and my hands. It is different from the typical tingling, numbing, or prickly sensations usually described by people. The pain occurs when the needle is placed, when it is manipulated once inside, and upon removal of the needles. The pain turns into a dull ache and lasts pretty much most of the day in these areas. There is bruising at the some of the sites, as well. My acupuncturist assures me that this is normal.

Is this really normal for two sessions of acupuncture? I am happy that my symptoms have improved, but cannot imagine undergoing this painful treatment for much longer.


Thank you.

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