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Hello. This last year, I have experienced more palpitations than I ever had. I sought help with Western medicine and nothing was found. During my research I cam across posts from the Mayo Clinic that suggested Acupuncture so I started treatment with that and the herbs.

Although the severity of them has lessened I still get events occasionally where it lasts for a while. My first TCM doctor always asked me if I drank water because he said I was dehydrated by the looks of my tongue. I do drink no less than 64 ounces a day. However, he was also treating me for flatulence, inablility to sleep for more than 2 hours, inablitly to poop for up to two weeks, dizziness and tintinnitis. I stopped taking treatments from him because he moved to a distant city and it was difficult to get there.

Then I found another doctor closer but I saw no changes in the condition and his prices only included the herbal medicine. I couldn’t afford him with no insurance.

Now I am treated by another doctor whom I’ve seen for about eight weeks every Friday. He gives me acupuncture only and is treating me for anxiety, palpitations and high blood pressure. Most of the time my blood pressure is normal but one day by the time I got to his office, it was 166 over something that was really high and that is why he started treating me for it. I have to say that it had been a stressful morning with traffic jams, road closures, missing my train and then leaving my auto in a parking lot that was for other businesses. Then I had to walk 6 blocks uphill to get to his office… The doctor got way under that in a matter seconds and that is usually what happens. But last time it was a little over normal even though I’d walked the six block in 80 degree weather. He did the same thing and got it down a bit, nothing dramatic. But while I was lying there resting I kept thinking about an incident that had occured earlier that morning at my house. When he took the pressure after 30 minutes, it was higher than the first reading.

Anyway, the digestive problems have decreased a lot. Instead of passing gas every five minutes all day every day, it only occurs occasionally now. I recently had colon hydrotherapy and and it too three sessions to remove the dehydrated fecal matter.

I eat healthily using fruit or vegetable smoothies for breakfast, only healthy oils for my salads, and protein like grilled salmon with no salt. My doctor says I should eat in a manner that makes me happy. Although I do enjoy the healthy dishes I prepare every once in a while I indulge myself.

I would love to be rid of the palpitations or the threat of an occurrence for good. Am I on the right path? Dr. Lim says it takes a while to get my system aligned correctly so that each part functrions properly. He says my digestive system is out of line and since that is connected to my heart, then my conditions will improve when those things are taken care of.

Thank you for listening…

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