Phegm congestion and poor digestion in infant.

Submitted By: friendphil

Our ten-month old baby, who has Down’s syndrome and congenitally weak digestion, has had chronic problems with phlegm congestion in her upper respiratory tract.  This developed into pneumonia several weeks ago.  The acute phase seems to be passed for the moment, but the following conditions still remain: considerable phlegm in the lungs and short, labored breathing, poor digestion and tendency for regurgitation, white tongue coating, particularly in the back anc central areas of her tongue, sometimes redish tip of tongue, tendency for constipation, although using a new milk formula seems to be addressing the constipation. Her abomen has, since birth, been rather large and distended. 

She is still depending heavily on milk formula for nourishment, but does eat some other foods (non-solids).  Sorry that mom can no longer give breast milk, and I suspect that milk formula may be too sweet and rich, and may be exacerbating internal dampness. I think her mom may also try to feed foods that are too rich, such as rice jook with boiled egg yolk, or chicken liver plus yellow squash and some veggies.  Her mom likes to give her banana, avocado, or papaya in non-solid form sometimes, which I question.  Also, Cerelac, someimes mixed with banana, which to me seems to sweet at this time.  

I am looking especially for ideas on what to feed her that might help address these problems:  perhaps some herbal  food preparations, or herbal medications. 

Thanks if anyone has experience and ideas as to how to help. 

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