picture of my tongue+symptoms. Help appreciated

Submitted By: cfs31

Hello everybody. I am Peter, 31 years old. I have been suffering from CFS 

almost 2 decades now. It is al caused by undiagnosed celiac disease.

My symptoms now are:

-fatigue all day

-sleep 8 hours or more

-no libido, often erectile problems

-distended stomach. I am not fat, but I can see fat in the stomach, liver,kidney area.

It feels cold there.

-digestion is poor. I am very careful with my diet, but carbohydrates create

a lot of gass and burping.

I often feel cold, yet still I sweat easy. My skin feels warm. Whenever I do feel warm

I start sweating a lot. I can’t retain the heat.

-I had a lot of stress years ago, not anymore. I am quite relaxed, but of course

the fatigue does give minor stress.

-When I exercise, I sweat so much, my hear rate stays very high even hours

after the exercise. My body cannot relax. Because of this i can’t build muscle.

-I tried hydrocortisone, it helped, but I needed very high dosage, so I stopped.

Tried licorice for this as well and the first day I drank the tea I woke up in the

night and I had so much energy, I swear I could see my teeth being thicker.

Next day came the crash!! Yohimbe also gave me energy for just one day

and second day crash and a lot of urinating.


I did try some herbs in the past that were immune strenghteners and were

yang. I thought I feel cold and fatigued so I should try increasing yang. There

was one herb that was yin, it gave me this very relaxed feeling, but it was like

coldness was going through all of my veins. I stopped using it.

O yeah there was one tablet that contained a mix of herbs, ginseng 

and european herbs they were I think. First day I tried it, I felt so so good,

incredible. Second day everything back as it used to be.

After some more reading, kidney yin deficieny makes some sense because

i have cortisol issues. It seems that anything that increases energy for me

only lasts 1 day at  the most. Creating energy is yang I think, but it needs yin,

so perhaps I am low in yin all the time and increasing yang only give a very

short increase in energy and then the yin decreases even more and there is

also no increase in energy anymore as the yang needs sufficient yin?


Anyway I would appreciate any help very much.


Here is a picture of my tongue:



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