pin and needles and numbess of Toes

Submitted By: rachael86

I’ve just started treating a new client who after a back accident about 3 months ago is now experiencing numbness, pins and needles in her right foot. The sensation starts at her 2nd and 3rd toes on right hand side, this can go to her ankles and sometimes her shin after 5 minutes of standing. The back problem was an acute sprain with possible underlying Kidney Yang Xu.

I’m not sure on the tcm diagnosis for the numbness pins and needles. Could it just be on obstruction of Qi and Blood along the meridian due to Cold/Damp? She has very little signs and symptons to try and fit into a pattern and wasn’t very forth coming when doing the consultation.

 Any advice of tcm diagnosis and points would be helpful.

Points I have been using.
Liv 3 Li4
Sp6 Sp10
Points to strengthen lower back
Bl 17

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