Plantar Fasciitis

Submitted By: Newmoon

I have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in my left foot and have been in quite a lot of pain with it for about 18 months.  It hurts when I walk or put any pressure on it.  I am a second year acupuncture student and my colleagues tried a treatment on me where they needled the aishi points on the left foot, and also burned a little thread moxa on the painful area.  However, this treatment gave me no relief at all from the pain.  I think it is difficult to pin point the exact point of the pain as it is more in the general area of underneath my heel and at the back of my heel.

Please has anyone got any ideas for acupuncture treatment or any other advice to relieve the pain such as stretching exercises etc. 

I would be very grateful for anyones advice.

Thank you

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