Post laparoscopy surgery treatment for endometriosis

Submitted By: nguyenbj

I have a client who just have a laparoscopy surgery for endometiosis(stage 4-very advance). The surgery went well and she is now want to be treated for fertility issue with acupuncture. How soon can I treat her? The surgery site is still bruised (purple red colour), and is warm to the touch. I think there is still inflamation inside her stomach, should I use cold or heat pack to put over the area? I know that I should use cold to slow down the inflamation, but don’t we want to keep her uterus warm for treating fertility? Also I think of using the general point for the first weeks to balance out until she has her period. I would use Sp6, Sp9, Liv 3, St 36, LI 11 and moxa over Ren 2, Ren 3. Will this treatment work for her?

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