Premenstrual numbness and impaired cognition

Submitted By: genevieve

Any thoughts on this condition?

A 45 year old female experiences numbness and a dragging sensation from her left eye down towards the corner of her jaw accompanied by a ‘popping and white noise’ auditory sensation and difficulty arranging thoughts for 3 days or less premenstrually. Also experiences headaches, anxiety, regular but short menstrual cycles (of 3 weeks), premenstrual bloating and acne breakouts on chin and neck, reduced concentration and anxiety with no other menstrual pain or abnormal flow noted. Numbness felt in Left arm on occasion. No floaters, skin quality is good, sleep is good, energy is okay before her period but flat post, no anaemia or neurological findings in medical tests. Pulse is wiry, Qi pulse is strong, KD position is weak. Tongue has a thin white coat, is swollen and pale.

After being treated for a suspected Liver stagnation with uprising Yang with little success the focus was altered to transforming a possible phlegm condition and tonifying blood. This resulted in the facial sensation moving from the beginning of the period to during the period (appearing on day 2 and worsened as she began spotting on day 4-5). The numbness of the left arm moved to the right side.

I’d be greatful for any of your Thoughts or ideas? 


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