Right elbow ”twiching pain” when exercising

Submitted By: TheSpace

I have a bit of a strange problem with my right elbow. It doesn’t hurt me at all in my everyday normal life, but when i work out with weights, in certain exercises-Like bench press for chest or triceps, or overhead press for the shoulders… So exercises in which i have to push something-i get a twiching pain in my right elbow. Like a nerve gets pinched there, and the heavier the weights the stronger the pain. The pain lasts only until i finish pushing the weight up, when the hands are going down there is no pain. 

When i tighten it with an elbow fastener? or what’s it called-the pain is gone, but only if i tighten it really good and strong!

Obviously a nerve gets pinched in those movements because i feel electricity right up to my fingers. Wanted to know if there are any local points which could do me good here? Have you ever had patients with issues like this? 

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