scoliosis acupuncture treatment

Submitted By: calidor

I tried to find more about the phenomenon of cifoscoliosis, and if there could be found a way to prevent or treat it completely. 
I guess it’s a problem in stagnation of kidney qi and in the same time the unability of liver to receive from kidneys the produced energy and spreading it, and this may be a reason for being created a lot of tensions in the spinal muscles and stagnation in bladder meridian.
Could be a problem with the liver firstof all, isnt’t it? Maybe a liver insuficiency? What about the lumbar unbalance causing the left lower limb be shorter than the right one with a difference up to several inches ? Could be this due to  a kidney insuficiency? What point combination would be a proper formula in treating such problem? Are there any more ways (as herbs,accupresure,dietary recommendations, etc) to treat it? 
I would like to know your opinions,they would be very useful for everyone facing this kind of serious problem as scoliosis /cifoscoliosis, usually very hard to be completely (or even partially) treated.
Thanks for any kind of information,this site is a great place to learn and share precious knowledge and experience for a good health and being.


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