Sharp stabbing pain in foot following acupuncture

Submitted By: Chloe


I recently received acupuncture for the first time as exploratory alternative treatment of suspected rheumatoid arthritis..

Following the session, I had no pain, but about 6 hours later I woke in the night with sharp stabbing pain from between the web area of my big toe and second toe, and across the top of my big toe like lightning.  I have now had this pain for over 24 hours despite gentle massage and hot baths and find it unbearable to walk on or move my big toe at all.

I advised and showed the acupuncturist xrays and details of the screw I have from a very old injury (which has never caused me any pain before) and worryingly, the pain is in exactly the same area but at a different level (the pain is along the top of the toe, the screw is perpendicular to the line of the shooting pain, through the middle of my toe)

Could somebody please indicate what they think the problem could be (hopefully not nerve damage, although that’s what it feels like?) and even more importantly, what I can do to heal it and what actions I should take.  Obviously, I’m very concerned that this could potentially be permanent damage, having experienced no relief in 24 hours and not knowing enough about it.

I would really appreciate your time and consideration,

Thank you!

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