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Good day

Recently I’ve been trying to research the nature of shen.

I’ve bought ‘The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine’ recommended by this site and haven’t been able to find a thorough explanation of the subject. Furthermore I’ve tried the web but I have a hard time trusting the expertise of most sites(I do find yinyanghouse reliable though).

So I’m hoping the practitioners here might be able to help me. If there’s an established classic I could be refered to that would be perfect as well.
Please correct me and elaborate if possible on some of my points and questions.

From what I could gather so far, shen has its origins in the heart. What I’m unable to discern is from what is shen ‘manufactured’?

Then after it’s produced does it hang around in the heart meridian or does it move up to the Shang Dantian/elsewhere?

What I find most puzzling is determining what Shen is supposed to do? On the web I’ve heard it equated with the sub-conscious mind. Would shen then be analogous to psychic energy(in the freudian not supersensory sense)?

To go about working, does the shen leave where ever it resides and enters the meridian in question or does shen get assigned to an organ and then permanently stay there?

Let’s say for example I’m about to hold my breath, does my shen enter my lung meridian and halts breathing, or is control over breathing from shen that is permanently established in the lung meridians? In anxiety provoking situations where breathing patterns are altered subconsciously would that still be because of shen’s influence?

Does something control shen or is it the highest authority in the body system? Where does Yi stand in regards to this?

Thank you

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