Smokeless Moxa

Submitted By: TeddyC

Hi All,

Can anyone out there provide information on the small, black, cylindrical stick-on smokeless moxa?  I have seen it around but have never used it.  It seems to me that it would be great for applying pin point heat to small anatomical surfaces like the fingers for arthritis. 

Also, I have read a comment about moxa on this forum stating that the smoke is what is responsible for the healing effects of moxa.  That does not make any sense to me.  What I was taught in school is that the heat is what has the healing effect, and that the smoke is a product of moisture in moxa punk or cigars.  I’m hoping that if statements such as the one I’ve mentioned above are made, a link to a research article, or a citation can be provided.  I truly think we’ve all had quite enough armchair hypothesis when it comes to CAM.    – Teddy

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