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Submitted By: yyh_guest

I’ve been interested heavily into chinese medicine for a few months now.  Just going over my symptoms and seeing what deficiencys of which yin/yang/qi/essence substance they seemed to be deficient in but I really wanted a more in depth perspective or opinion.


Basically I have ALWAYS ALWAYS been underweight and found it impossible to put on weight, I was born with a concaved chest (which means the center of it was sunken in.  I recently had surgery to repair that and it made me a little more confident)  I masturbated a lot when I was younger which I now found out.  AWFUL move.  I suffer from a bad case of PE (premature ejaculation) right now which bothers me DAILY.  Just tears me up.  On top of all of this I have acne, mainly on my cheeks and along the jawline and a little on neck every now and then.  So my first thought is…. hyperthyroidism.  I never actually got a thyroid scan done but it’s something that I think I suffer from.  Everything that I have read points to an excess of heat (I sweat easily, bulging eyes, heart palpations, excess hunger and thirst, impossible to gain weight despite how much I eat and I NEVER stay full for a long period of time, scarse amount of body hair, extreme dizziness a lot of the time when I stand up) .  There are just so many symptoms that I feel I have for a yin deficiency but I know many sites say that a yang deficiency is what causes PE so Im a little confused.   Actually very confused.  Any information in depth would be a blessing.  Thanks for reading

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