Teethmarks on tongue, hot flashes in face, heat in the body

Submitted By: AbigailOK


I lately have ringing in the ears, sometimes blurred vision on my right eye (very temporary), hot flashes in face, and have teethmarks on my tongue with a feeling of heat coming out of or residing inside my body even when the temperature is in the sixties or seventies it feels as if it is in the nineties or higher. Also I have a burning sensation on the top of my tongue and at the end. Sometimes thirsty, bad smell in urine, and I wake up with bad breath. Blood circulation is bad esp. in legs/feet. I have books enough on acupressure and acupuncture with stones (not needles) so I can help myself since having gone to acupuncturists here only made the condition worse (Japanese acupuncture: edema in hands which was absent before) and the other (Chinese acupuncture) increased the kidney meridian which I as a laywoman have had to mitigate. Disaster in other words. 

Except for the teethmarks at both sides of my pale tongue which lately also has a little crack in it in the middle, I have never had these aforementioned symptoms before. Menstruation was punctual, not anymore. irregular; menses normal otherwise. 

I would like to hear some advice as to what this might be.



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