Thrombocytosis and Acupuncture

Submitted By: gurudattahk

Can anybody share their opinion of treating thrombocytosis with acupuncture? What is the outcome of the same? If anybody has treated the same. I consulted a patient who is suffering from thrombocytosis for the last 2 – 3 years. At present the counts are somewhere between 1 – 1.1 million, when it should be below 400,000. She also facing the problem of irregular menstrual cycles (probably having PCOS) and high level of creatinine and hypertension. She is on ecosporin for blood thinning and anti-hypertensives and no other medication. She is aged about 34 years old and working. Is undergoing lots of stress, as not able to convieve and also worried about thrombocytosis.

I would be happy, if anyone give me some guidelines to treat her condition

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