Thyroid problems

Submitted By: Vidhya ghopu

sir,female(24) came with following complaints1.thyroid problem,2. irregular mensuration3.initial wheezing stage 4.increase in weight5.light bulgingin front ,back of neck.

My diagnosis-tongue pale with white coat ,pulse slow, slippery.

she was diagnosed with pco before 6yrs and got treated and after marrriage she got a child.Two yrs after child birth she started experiencing above said complaints and was prescribed harmone pills for regularising mensural cycle by a gynacologist which helped for only a month after which she stopped taking those pills.My treatment goes as follows Lu5,9,6,sp5,ub13,st40 ,ex wheezing point -for lung deficiency,thyroid-local point LI18,Hautac6,ex1,regularising mensuration-sp6,3,st29,30.not all at the same time.5 sittings have gone. feedbacks so far are wheezing problem started reducing not completely ,she feels lighter on whole,very minute reduction in bulging near neck. she has normal working liver, kidney and apetiteand digestion.kindly guide me to help her irregular mensuration(as its her first expectation) and other problems.Thank you.

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