Very healthy 34 yr old woman Sweaty Palms

Submitted By: honeykitten

I have a very heatlthy 34 year old client who has had cold sweaty palms her entire life. Her tongue is, dare I say, perfect. Her pulses are good and strong, skin hair eyes all exterior observations are perfect. Her body temp is even except for her hands.

She has no porblem with digestion but she craves hot food, she is from Tailand which is the probable explanation for this, when she is thirsty she says she says her throath feels “like a sore throat”.  She has an even temprement has confidence and is a practicing Buddhist so her spirituality practice regular.

She is having fertility issues but her cycles are perfect.  We discussed fertility and she is not sure she wants to get pregnant, which might be the probelm with this. She is a scientist and enjoys reading and researching, her schedule and freedom with her time. This might be the fertility issue?

She is a night owl going to bed around 2AM up 10:00-11:00.

I am confused about her hands. If it were not for the craving for hot food which is normal in her diet; but craving for it makes me curious and that she gets a sore throat when she is thirsty.

I believe her sweaty hands my be neurological and since she has had this her entire life it could be her normal but I am not rested on this and wonder if anyone has any insight,

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